We at CUSTOM STITCH N MEND, take pride in our Custom Designed Products without the Custom Designed Price. 
 With our short interview process, whether online or a phone call, Custom Stitch N Mend will design and implement your ideas or  help you create a Custom Product like no other online store or service can offer at such a reasonable price!  Custom Personal Service!
 WINDOW COVERINGS: Custom Designs, Custom Fit to your project specifications:
 Roman Shades, Cafe Style, Tab Drapes,Pleated drapes, Ruffles, Window Sashes, Shower Curtains, for HOME- BOAT- CABIN- RV.  You can reach us on our CONTACT PAGE, and please view our GALLERY
UPHOLSTERY: Boat RV Home or Cabin, we can repair or replace existing seats, panels, or entire chairs and couches. Whether you need a cover for the furniture or a complete re-upholster, give us a call or us our online contact page.  We're here to help!
CUSTOM BOAT COVERS: You pay shipping to send me your old boat cover and we will make an exact replica snap for snap. (see options with up grades). Then Custom Stitch N Mend will  ship it back to you free of charge.  Give us a call or use our convenient CONTACT PAGE.
This feature is no different than if you were to buy any new item on any online store and pay for the shipping to have it delivered to your home or business. The big difference is, you get a number one quality CUSTOM BOAT COVER with out the cost and time of having your boat tied up at a canvas shop  for weeks at a time, while the cover is being designed and made.  At Custom Stitch N Mend we make Custom Fit Boat Covers with number one quality marine grade materials.  We specialize in EXACT FIT quality as if your boat were sitting at our shop being custom made.  After all, we have your old cover to ensure a perfect guide.   Keep in mind, with the help of our expert seamstress, she can guide you into some of our (up grade features) to make your NEW CUSTOM PURCHASE much easier to assemble,maneuver and utilize!    Custom Stitch N Mend specializes in Custom Covers with
out the Custom Cost.  We have over 40 years of sewing and design experience!  If we can't make it, we'll send you to some one who can.  Remember, for a little extra $$ you can have your PERSONAL NAME  OR  BOAT IDENTITY NAME on any new item purchased.  With a complete branding  design or your own personal logo, This new feature is implemented by one of our  designers at our site, (subject to approval and deposit).
BIMINI TOPPERS & BOOT JACKETS & ENCLOSURES: Once Again if you send us your old Bimini Topper and/or Boot Jacket, we will make an EXACT FIT replica.  All our topper (skins) are made with high quality marine grade zippers, materials and safety features, so as to improve the quality of your boating investment.  While you may have questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call or fill out our CONTACT PAGE on the site.  
Custom Stitch N Mend will replace zippers in Tents and do Awning repairs and replacements, Seats and Seat Covers, Zippers, if we can get it under the machine then we can fix it.  We specialize in LEATHER REPAIRS & ZIPPER REPLACEMENTS  :  patches - alterations, snaps, buttons etc. etc. For any questions just ask, we are here to help!
Give us a call, or you can reach us 24/7 on our CONTACT PAGE and send us an email and some one will be glad to answer any questions.  Also keep checking out our BLOG for new ideas and features that we are implementing into our products through out each month.  This Feature is there to help us make Custom Stitch N Mend Products and Services the Best Experience for your Satisfaction.  We are a small family business, and take much pride in the quality of our Custom Products!  With over 40 years of experience,  we are located in the heart of Wisconsin, call 715 536 2788  CDT  9 AM to 6 PM   Mon -Thurs and because we are a small family owned business, only emails will will be answered on weekends.  Thank You and Happy Boating
Ahoy Mates,
This month I am adding a new feature, I am sure all you water loving people will like!  For just a few $$'s extra on any Custom Stitch N Mend Purchase, I now have access to having your CUSTOM BOAT NAME or your PERSONAL NAME on any of our new products that you purchase. This is a beautiful feature I have been using over the past few years on my Custom Vintage Car Seats that I reupholster. 
This feature will be priced at a per line design and I have a Custom Designer who can create a PERSONAL LOGO or BRANDING IDENTITY,  with top of the line, finished embroidering work, that you are sure to cherish and share with all your friends!  NOTE PLEASE that no commercial boat logos or commercial boat names can be duplicated on any of my products with out specific written permission from that company. This is strictly your own personal boat name or personal name branding and must be approved by CUSTOM STITCH N MEND prior to printing and purchase..all Custom designs will require a deposit along with your approval before ANY printing will be started! And also note there are no REFUNDS or EXCHANGES on any custom embroidered item.Return Policies Page
Go to our CONTACT PAGE and give me a call 1-715-536-2788 Monday -Thursday 9 am-6 pm CDT or you can send me a message 7 days a week and I will get back to you ASAP
And as always all our CUSTOM STITCH N MEND products are proudly made in the USA

Hi Folks, 

Today's feature is another insight that I came up with not only to save you big bucks, but back aches and a much easier use for your already invested pontoon boat cover. Most folks that are using their storage boat cover have such a hard time installing their custom boat cover when ready to drive down the road, with crawling around  inside after snapping the cover part way around the perimeter and then trying to position the lift poles while carefully crawling around on your belly and dragging your self out from under the cover while still trying to get off the the trailer...Enough said.

Well I have now come up with a convenient way to not only use your boat cover for highway use but also for a Mooring cover as well! Now tell me, are you now imagining how you are going to crawl out from under the cover and still manage to get your body up onto the boat dock with out getting in the deep or much less twisting every inch of your body into contusions that will......, lets say make it just not worth your while to protect those blasted seats after all!  
Folks after sewing Custom Boat Covers over the years, my customers have given me the insight on how my product can not only be made  to fit your every need, but keeping it at a reasonable price and SAVE you on back and knee pain as well.  After all day on the lake or river, let's face it, we are pretty tired and yet we struggle and work to keep our investments clean and protected from the elements, what?  Just to turn around first thing in the morning to take off the covering and start the day all over again.  I believe many a seat cushion and carpet are ruined and aged so much sooner because of the hassle of keeping the inside protected, or we just can not afford to invest in a "CUSTOM FIT COVER".

Check out my pictures above I install a zipper with a water proof placket that allows you to ZIP your way out of the boat and the only exercise you may have to do is to bend over and adjust and zip as you work your way off the boat.  I use high quality SUNLON materials, and can install these custom zips into any already purchased boat cover, or you can send me  your old boat cover and I will not only design an EXACT replica snap for snap but install these custom zipper plackets on either side you moor your boat!  Give me a call or you can email me with your questions on my CONTACT PAGE on this site!

Happy Boating!

Welcome Boaters of all makes and models!

Need to get out of the sun and want a high quality tear and weather resistant Bimini Top, that you can easily install and remove at the convenience of a marine zipper?  Or if you prefer stainless steel snap tabs.  Many a time, especially in a smaller open boat, we moor at a public marina while we go into town for a bite to eat, or on vacation at a public landing or resort while mooring overnight.   My concern for the customer is to not have to take the chance of vandalism while leaving your precious investment unattended!

How about your long or short term storage concerns?   Living in the North Woods of Wisconsin, or just about any where in, or near the waters of the Continental US, we have many a critter that just love to eat our precious investments.  What about seasonal storage, in your garage, or possibly a public/private facility?  Out at the cottage/cabin with outdoor storage all winter long?  The amount of money you spend for storage can not stop a critter from destroying  what ever they chose to eat,right?     
SOLUTION: Zip off Bimini channels easy on easy off.  Or if you prefer, a system I have designed to use high quality stainless steel Snap and Tab system.  Another feature is our HIDE- M - CLOSET, a drop down mini 4' x 4'  room that conveniently gives you privacy right out on the water, great for swimmers!  This can be implemented in the zip out Bimini Tops or the Snap Tab version Bimini Tops we design.  See our CUSTOM ORDERS PAGE  to add this feature to your Custom Bimini Top Order.  HIDE -M- CLOSETS can be purchased separately for your own Bimini Top by purchasing the Snap & Tab Design,and you can have any of our SUNLON quality colors see chart on spec page above . 
 We use high quality SUNLON weather proof products, and all our items are conveniently hand made to your specifications. With quality assurance, yet at reasonable competitive pricing!  Look at our charts, for all your measuring and ordering needs this is in the CUSTOM ORDERS PAGE.  Again not only for easy seasonal storage, but check out our BIMINI BOOT JACKETS, that have many features including a SAFETY STRAP HARNESS,applied before you assemble your Boot while on the water.  How about our LOCKING ZIP feature, while you are away from your boat, or at a public port!  Check out my blog below on the  BIMINI BOOT JACKETS, with the Stern light feature weather proof protection flap!

When designing a Pontoon Boat Bimini Boot, I took into account that many folks want to be able to store their Bimini Cover not only in a Water Proof Boot, yet be able to utilize their light features at the same time.  Weather it is for fishing at dusk and maintaining good safety regulations, requiring to have the boat  stern light on or an early morning cruise where the sun is not up and one may need the stern light on for early fog or just to be seen by other boaters. The whole idea is to make a product with great value and custom features at a reasonable price.  Yet I have noticed the majority of all the stern light features on pontoon boats, after a few years, being exposed to the elements, the lights and wires and plastic bulbs, are all corroded and fogged over and well... need replacement. This is an added expense that can be eliminated, if protection is taken for the whole system up front in the Boot Jacket in the first place. 
 SOLUTION: Over the years I have done some research on convenience and safety regulations that most Bimini Boot Jackets do not carry this feature, if you will notice how easy my Boot Design, will zip off and on so you can safely tuck your top into the boot and have it free from ties and bungee cords and hassle.  NOTICE the top seam where there is not only an opening for the stern light to be utilized while the top is in storage, but also a PROTECTIVE FLAP with stainless steel snaps to securely seal the light feature and keep it out of the rain and elements while not in use.  Another feature that I have recently added is a QUICK SECURE STRAP that one fastens onto the pole before you assemble your boot, while traveling on the water.  Tell me when was the last time you were out on your Pontoon and you didn't run into some kind of wind or weather that you lost a seat cover or for that matter  your Bimini Boot Jacket while on the water... and you got it, the thing flew 10 feet in the air before you watched your money sink right into the water!  And now today's new feature is a DUAL LOCKING ZIPPER PULL, all you need to purchase is small lock, and voila no one can remove the boot and it's contents unless they cut it to pieces and by then, if that happens, you were going to lose it in the first place!  
The money you invest in OUR high quality products, once again, the idea is preserve them for as long as we can, and deter any amount of vandalism if possible!  Enough said ....
Please visit my CUSTOM ORDERS PAGE.  My goal is to give you a #1 quality product that you can use for years to come and share my features with friends... Be sure to check out the quality of materials used and keep in mind each and every BIMINI BOOT JACKET  is CUSTOM MADE IN THE USA

Custom design to fit your every need in protecting the seats in your boat or console. CUSTOM STITCH N MEND features SUNLON all weather type marine grade material, lite weight yet extremely durable for many years to come with a nylon backing and a solid durable poly coating on the top. See  SUNLON specifications page above.  With a variety of colors to chose from, I believe our customers will be very satisfied for the quality of service and their purchase. These covers can be made for Lawn Furniture and small out door Appliances, Lawn Mowers, Generator Covers, Air Conditioners, Rototillers, Tractors the possibilities are limitless.
Check out our GALLERY, to get your ideas started on items you need protected, and then contact us on our CONTACT PAGE.

Hey Boaters! Listen up! These past few seasons, I have run into many a customer who have spent a ton of hard earned CASH on side windows and enclosures (cabins) etc etc for their boats, only to find out that after some time, even sometimes, only  one season, their investment is getting scratched and dirty and well you know worn out!  Things happen, but even so much of our investments in boating fun can be lost, or broken, or stepped on while every one on the boat is having a great time while you are tending to shove the coverings into cabinet or stuff them under a seat just get them out of the way and let the fun begin!  NOT GOOD PEOPLE... The way I see it, being an organization freak myself, ORDER and SAFETY is the best answer! Unless, you like watching your money dwindle into mildew and crust?  I thought not.  Let me help you with an organized, quality & protection for all your products, with a reasonable competitive price!

We at CUSTOM STITCH N MEND take pride in our..... you've got it, "CUSTOM PRODUCTS" with out the custom astronomical prices....Make sense?  Well, I have come up with a solution to protect and organize your investments, and with a little collaboration on your part, I can design a Cubby Cover or Storage Unit Bag, to your specifications and needs. Just give me a call 1-715-536-2788 Monday-Thursday 9 am to 6 pm CDT or you can contact me 7 days a week on my CONTACT PAGE and I will get back to you ASAP

Happy Boating!